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Starspeaker RPG Website

This website is dedicated to the enjoyment and development of the Starspeaker role-playing game setting, created by Paris E Crenshaw, III.

Starspeaker is a d20 fantasy campaign setting that uses elements of the d20 Modern game engine, as modifiers the original d20 system.  In order to play Starspeaker you will need access to the Dungeons & Dragons Core Rulebooks v. 3.5 (or the version 3.5 SRD) published by Wizards of the Coast.

Six hundred years and more have passed since the forces of the Holy Triad turned back the terrible Chaos Flood .  Six hundred years and more have passed since the Holy Saelmarian Emperor, Justinian I, took his place on the Ivory Throne.  Dozens of emperors have followed him, each seeking to make his mark on the great tableau of history.  Now, in the six-hundred-sixteenth year of the Sankta Alianco, the time has come for Emperor Justinian II to make the Walk of Piety and establish his place of fame or infamy.

In the kingdom of Raedonia, King Victorio III faces a painful dilemma:  to answer his emperor's call for troops and supplies to fund the Holy Crusade—an effort to spread the dominance of Triadism beyond the shores of Saelmaria and into the nearby continent of Benivalia—or to stand true to his dream of reclaiming the entirety of the Saelmarian continent from the ravages of both the Chaos Flood and eons of Elvish rule.

The time is coming when he must make a decision.  His choice could be the spark that lights the flame of  revolution, as the people follow the Raedonian king's example and answer six centuries of repression with violence and anger.  Or it could be the continuation of the Emperor's absolute authority over all who live and work within the borders of his ever-expanding empire.  Only time will tell....

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